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Discovering Ninja Girl

“Stop It!†Gabby shouted, she saw Tiana being smashed against a locker outside Ms. Danielson’s Chemistry class. Tiana who is 11 years old was two grades below Gabby at Montgomery High.

There was no club that Tiana was not a member, she was the President of the Math club and a longstanding member of the chemistry, robotics and computer clubs. She was smarter than your average 11 year old and the shiest person at our school.

Kennedy, gripped Tiana’s plaid shirt and pulled her suspenders. Tears flowed down Tiana’s face fogging up her glasses. Kennedy was stuck in the same grade for the past three years. Known for her poor fashion sense she always hung out with the other school bullies. You can use this tab so that you can get more descriptive information about tragamonedas gratis online lobstermania. Kennedy who was the tallest girl in her class towered over tiny Tiana pushing her further into the locker.

At this point Tiana had gotten used to being smashed into lockers and had given up hope of escaping Kennedy’s attack. Kennedy heard a loud voice coming from the other end of the hallway but she could not see the figure. Gabby ran up to Kennedy and repeated herself.

Kennedy stood in shock looking at the figure in front of her. Tiana felt Kennedy’s grip loosen and she scurried away. Kennedy stood frozen looking at Gabby. “Ninja Girl Strikes Again!†Gabby chuckled. At that moment Gabby heard a loud sound coming from the far corner of her dark room.

“Beep! Beep! Beep!†her 7am alarm was blaring as she reluctantly opened her eyes. Gabby lay in the dark with a confused smirk on her face as she thought about her dream. She was not ready to get out of bed but she heard her mother screaming from the bottom of the stairs, “Gabrielle Chapelle if you don’t get out of bed I’ll come upstairs and drag you out myself“.

Gabby knew her Mom meant business so she turned to get out of bed. As she stretched her arms she realized they automatically moved into a ninja position and her feet landed firmly on the mat. Gabby’s eyes widened in amazement maybe she had not been dreaming after all.